About Us

DROMOCÓSMICAS is an itinerant theater company founded in 2010 by Camilla Bombardini and Byron Skouris. Dromocósmicas comes from the greek words: “DROMO” (road, way) and “Cosmic” (world). The name is a symbol for the itinerant nature of the group, which aims to bring theater to the public as a thriving adventure.

DROMOCÓSMICAS based its own researchs on clownerie, street theater, Commedia dell’Arte and popular culture. It realizes its works in Festivals, theaters, social projects, schools, squares with plays and workshops, around the world.


During these years the group realized the following plays:

La Tempestina” 2009 

Muamba” 2010

Vagor e Bellavita” 2015 


Dromocósmicas receive the following awards:

– Edital do Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste do Brasil- Arte retirante 2012

– Prêmio FUNARTE artes na rua, Brasíl 2013

– Theater for children and youth Thessaloniki, Greece 2015

-“Prêmio Arte Paraná”, Secretaria de cultura do estado do Paraná, Brasíl 2017 

 -“Prêmio Elisabete Anderle” de estimulo à cultura do estado de Santa Catarina, Brasíl 2017

– Création “prix du livre Petite enfance” Ville de Gaillac, France 2022/2023