This is the story of a meeting between two vagabond-clowns. Vagor is a lonely traveler. No one knows where he comes from, perhaps from far away, maybe from another country. Bellavita lives under a busy bridge and spends her days dreaming and listening to the radio. They meet one day when they accidentally bump into each other. These two strangers will find their own way to share the same space and help each other through hilarious and poetic situations.

Vagor and Bellavita live a simple life and share the good and the bad of each day. They live each day as if it was their last, because they have no hope for a better life.

However a magical night will change forever their destinies. In a dream, they conceive a new idea, that will surprise You. During the play they discover themselves, their hidden talents and will power.

The play is an invitation to discover the beauty in the simplicity of each small thing.

“Vagor & Bellavita” is the story of two clowns that live at the margins of society.

The play is a tribute to silent films and their tramps.

Among stunts, cans become stilts, carrots are transformed in clarinet, bottles in music and saws in melody. These two carachters will tell their history with laughter and poetry.

“Vagor & Bellavita” is a mime comedy play, a fable about the power of friendship and fantasy. It is an opportunity to talk about solidarity and the importance of believing in dreams. It is a metaphor

of the way a creative action can transform one’s life.


By and With: Camilla Bombardini e Byron Skouris

Technician on stage: Alexandra Iordanidou


Costumes: Camilla Bombardini

Scenery and props: Camilla Bombardini e Byron Skouris

Musical selection: Camilla Bombardini

Music editing: Angelos  Bournás

Light Design: Andrés Tissier

Production: Dromocósmicas